Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jets/Ravens Post Mortem

It's disappointing the Jets shot themselves in the foot so often last night. Penalties and an anemic offense cost them the game. The defense looked good with plenty of room for the DB's to improve. The inside running game was non-existent, but LT looked better than expected when he had a little room on the outside. Brad Smith once again showed his versatility. Ray Rice, usually a very good runing back, was held to 2 yards a carry. Jason Taylor showed some flashes and surprised against the run. As the announcers said a number of times, in an effort to control turnovers, Mark Sanchez utilized a dumbed down game plan that left the team with virtually no margin of error to win. The biggest plus to take from the game is that the Jets almost pulled it out while overall playing a very poor game.

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