Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mets 2, Cards 1 in 20 Innings

Being a Johan Santana fan, I started watching the Mets-Cards yesterday and 7 hours later, was happy to see them with a win. The 3-5 hitters for the Mets went 1 for 20 in the game, which has hurt them all season. It was heartening to see the Mets keep battling and pull it out. If they had lost, I would probably just be curled in a fetal position waiting for football season.

The announcers came trying to make light of the length of the game but their frustration seemed to come through the broadcast by the end. It was quite compelling to see. It was the longest game without a run scored since Aug 23, 1989. Glad I watched it.

Mets 2, Cards 1...Yahoo Link

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very married said...

A friend from St. Louis was visiting during this game. Thank goodness he didn't make me watch the whole thing though....