Monday, March 15, 2010

Terminal Dreamland

My first memory of St. Patrick's Day was when my first grade class performed at the holiday school assembly. Good Shepherd grammar school was filled with Rileys, McCanns, O'Briens and a few token Italians (maybe part of an early childhood exchange program). I remember Sister Terrence passing out plastic trombones, saxes and drums, along with green cardboard top hats that were covered in green glitter. I still remember we sang "Mc Namara's Band," a novelty song by Bing Crosby that seems to have soon after died an unnatural death. I remember my parents being very happy that night and I remember people clapping for our class and feeling good inside.

Unfortunately, soon thereafter, I learned what being Irish was really all about. Happy St. Pat's to everyone.

Luck O' The Irish

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